Full Mouth Dental Implant FAQ - Wisconsin

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Know What to Expect with Treatment

Dental implants provide the ultimate in tooth replacement, a permanent solution that restores maximum function and esthetics after tooth loss. However, the process for receiving dental implants is complex and requires more detailed planning than other restorative treatments. It may also leave you with many questions regarding the process, what to expect, and how much it will cost. Our team at You Smile Dental Implant Center is transparent about our treatments and will provide personalized solutions for your oral health needs and smile goals. We’ve created a list of common questions in Wisconsin that our patients ask about dental implants, and we encourage you to review them before scheduling a consultation with us:

Common Questions About Implants

What is a dental implant?
What makes dental implants “the gold standard”?
What is the success rate of dental implants?
Who is a candidate for dental implants?
How much does treatment cost?
What is dental implant surgery like?
Will surgery be painful?
What is the recovery like?
How long is the treatment process?
How do I care for dental implants?
Do I need dental checkups?
How long can I expect dental implants to last?