About Our Practice - Wisconsin

Bringing Premier Care
To Every Patient

Patient smiling confidently after their dental implant procedure

Holding Our Team
To A Higher Standard

At You Smile Implant Center we prioritize patient comfort, care, and healing above all else. Our oral health specialists are some of the most determined and diligent implant dentists in the United States. We stand for giving every patient their fair shot at a beautiful and healthy smile. Your oral health affects so much more than just your teeth. Let us help you heal as a whole by repairing your smile.

Patient smiling confidently after their dental implant procedure

What You Can
Expect From Us

Expect compassion and expect excellence. At You Smile Implant Center, we wouldn’t provide anything less. Other implant centers often seek to churn out patients as quickly as possible with little care or attention to detail. While they’ll make you endure long wait times for implant processing, when it comes to your visits and post-op check-ins, the process can feel rushed.

This is something we strive to never let happen in our facilities. We make sure every patient feels welcome and safe when they’re in our chairs. Our doctors have taken on some of the most advanced cases of teeth and bone loss. Patients they have helped were people whom other doctors turned away. It’s important to understand that our doctors and surgeon are determined to fix even the most severe cases, and you shouldn’t feel like you are beyond help.  Our team is committed to helping patients realize their smile dreams with full mouth dental implants.

Staff member assisting patient at the front desk of the dental practice

Our First
Appointment Procedure

Typically, a first appointment involves consultation and preliminary examinations. When you meet with one of our highly trained oral health experts, you know you’re in great hands. For your initial dental implant appointment, your doctor needs to get the best understanding of your situation that’s possible. This way they can make an effective care plan for you and get you on your journey to healing.

This is where our advanced equipment and revolutionary implant lab come into play.  We can take in-depth scans that give a better look at your teeth and jaw structure. Your doctor will also go over your existing charts and scans to get an idea of how your situation may have progressed over time. Once your doctor has a complete understanding of your unique case, they will walk you through their plans for your treatment.

Staff member assisting patient with 3D dental scanning

We Pride Ourselves
On First Impressions

We understand that many people struggle with dental anxiety, and this can turn into apprehension that keeps you from seeking care. This is why we have worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort in our offices. Most physically and emotionally, our spaces radiate welcoming energy that will put your mind at ease and your fears to rest.

Forgotten are the days of impersonal and unpleasant dentists’ offices. When you come to see our implant dentists, you’re going to feel like you’re walking into a hug. We aim for all of our locations to feel warm, pleasant, and inviting for every single person who entrusts us with their dental health. You Smile Implant Center is guaranteed to be your best option for finding an implant dentist near you. We also offer several various forms of sedation dentistry to help our patients get the care they need without any of the fear.