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dental 3d scanning device within in dental office

Why an In-House Dental Implant Laboratory
Makes All the Difference

At You Smile Dental Implant Center we proudly own and operate our own state-of-the-art dental laboratory that allows freedom for us and cost-savings for our patients. This means that every step of the process for your unique care plan happens on-site on our terms. Our board-certified prosthodontists and dental technicians make miracles happen, and they are actively changing lives every single day.

Our team of oral health experts will create a treatment plan, design, and construct your implant, and provide direct and precise care to you as the patient. Our entire practice is patient-centered which allows us to stand out among many other dental, periodontic, and prosthodontic facilities. With your health and well-being at the forefront of our minds, you can be sure that you’re getting the best care possible.

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The Benefits of an On-Site Laboratory

Having full control of our own in-house laboratory is an exciting feature that not many other dental practices can boast. There are also many unique benefits that come along with this addition to our practice:

patient going through dental 3d scanning device

Quality Control

We have full and complete control over all the processes that take place in our lab. This means we are fully accountable from start to finish. This also means that there is less downtime between each step of the process, and you get to experience relief and healing that much faster.

Staff member helping patient with 3d scanning dental procedure

Custom Treatment

We understand that dental care and implants aren’t a one-size-fits-all business. Your unique situation requires personalized, precise care. We believe that every patient deserves exactly this. With access to our own lab and equipment, we can ensure that every person gets no less than the best.

patient being helped at the front desk within the dental procedure


At our practices, you can be sure that our priority is to get you feeling your best as soon as possible. When other practices deal with outside labs, there is a back-and-forth in communication that can become tedious. This only works to slow down your care plan. At You Smile Implant Centers you can be sure that our turnaround times are lightyears faster than any other dental offices.

Our Revolutionary Laboratory Equipment

When we say our dental implant lab is state-of-the-art, we really mean it. We have some groundbreaking technology and equipment to allow us to make incredibly detailed, custom dental solutions for all our patients. Some of our prized, advanced machinery include:

3d dental printer for models of teeth

3D Printer

We can create mock-ups, prototypes, and even functional prostheses all on-site with this equipment.

CT beam scanning dental 3d device

Cone Beam CT Machine

This allows us to get imaging that goes beyond the scope of traditional X-rays. With a more in-depth scan, we can create a better custom solution for your situation.

dental diode laser

Diode Lasers

These medical-grade lasers offer many benefits in dentistry over other outdated tools. Using a diode laser promotes better and easier healing. It can allow for less scarring and even a reduction in oral germs at the incision site.

crown milling machine

In-House Milling Machine

This is an incredible piece of equipment that allows us to complete the end-to-end creation of all our dental implants. From crowns to full prostheses, this machine lets us make magic.

intraoral camera

Intraoral Cameras

An advanced piece of equipment that makes other traditional dental tools obsolete. This camera is small and convenient while also providing instant feedback in the form of patient scans and images.

Waterlase Machine


A machine that provides a high-powered water stream for the use of dental care. We can effectively remove tooth decay and reshape gum tissue with ease and minimal pain.

dental implant model in lab

Why We Developed an On-Site Lab

Many other dental practices that offer oral surgery and dental implants rely on outside, and sometimes overseas, labs. This means longer waiting and higher costs for you as the patient. This idea didn’t sit right with us. We had the knowledge and resources to operate our own lab, so that’s exactly what we did.

When it comes to your oral health, especially in times of crisis, waiting for relief can feel endless. As oral health experts, we have the power to alleviate this stress, pain, and discomfort. We feel that every patient is entitled to the highest quality care and treatment, and by creating dental implants in-house, we make sure it happens every time.