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Zygomatic implants are definitely considered the more extreme option among dental implant designs and techniques. These implants work similarly to the all-on-4 protocol, but there are some key differences. Understanding these differences can help you know what implant option is best for your situation.

For one, the anchored post aspect of the implant is much longer and placed much deeper than in traditional implant designs. This is because zygomatic implants are traditionally only utilized in severe cases. Zygomatic dental implants are also considered marginally more invasive because the surgical implantation and the healing processes are more extensive than in milder cases. This revolutionary form of dental care helps patients who were previously turned away due to factors such as bone loss get the smile they’ve been dreaming of without having to sacrifice quality.

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Why are zygomatic dental implants so important?

Zygomatic dental implants are typically saved for patients in extreme circumstances. People who have been told by other doctors that they are not candidates for dental implants and they’re too far gone.

The implant posts are designed to be longer and placed deep in the jaw on a diagonal. This way the surgeon can utilize the most jaw bone possible and create a secure anchoring for the implant prosthesis. Zygomatic dental implants are often considered a last resort, but they offer some of the most drastically life-changing results. This type of procedure gives us the opportunity to provide a healthy and beautiful smile to patients who were previously told that they would not be a candidate for regular dental implants. Our team of experts is committed to helping every patient achieve the best result possible and zygomatic dental implants allow us to do just that.

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Who is impacted by zygomatic dental implants?

Patients who receive zygomatic dental implants have experienced severe loss and they’ve often been rejected by other, less experienced dental implant surgeons. Our team is determined to take on these cases and provide patients with extensive loss and damage some much-needed relief.

Empathy and compassion are two of the greatest driving forces in our practice, and we believe that zygomatic implant patients deserve nothing but love and understanding during their treatment. Surgery can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, especially more drastic procedures. This is why our team stands out in the industry, we provide personalized, compassionate care to every patient we meet. In order to reduce the amount of stress on our patients, we provide several dental anesthesia options to help alleviate any dental anxiety.

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Patient smiling confidently after their dental implant procedure
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